Embracing the change which is becoming our new normal...
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Sean & Becky Rooke - Certified Animal Behavioral Consultant, Trade Instructors, Certified Dog Trainers, Master Pet Groomer since 1997
Award Winner 2016, 2017 & 2018
READ BEFORE PURCHASE:Cancellation and Refund Policy: All Sales Are Final - No Returns - No Refunds. Your payment constitutes a binding agreement, between yourself and Sac Dog Central. We at Sac Dog Central are committed to the education and services offered to our students, and clientele, If you choose to not participate in the agreed upon format after purchase, you shall be in breach of this agreement, releasing Sac Dog Central from any and all future commitments to you and or your education. Any and all educational session(s) or service(s) purchased shall be held consecutively starting at the time of purchase, and shall never be extended or accumulated.

Yes, we closed the school and have relocated, but we are still in the Sacramento area!

Yes, we are accepting work - of course while staying within the COVID-19 social distancing and business guidelines.
We are currently working from home

YES, we are still taking your calls!
And YES, texting is still the fastest way to connect with us!

We are actively working towards building our VIRTUAL programs along with creating other easy accessible ways to continue to teach, so that we can keep real time access with our students and clientele.
While the world is changing how we do things, we want to assure you that we are still here to help and support you!
I invite you to jump in and join us on this new journey, as we all learn how to connect in a different way!  -Becky Rooke
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We will continue to teach you!

We are creating modified instruction for all of our certificate courses. We will be teaching private one-on-one and semi private group courses remotely through online video conferencing.

Sac Dog Central offers certificate courses for the following professions;

     Pet Dog Training
(40 hours and up)
     Dog Bathers
(*6 week course =120 hours)
     Dog Grooming
(12 week course =240 hours *includes bather's program)

Our Trainer's Shadow Program is also being modified. We plan to find ways to continue to offer you hands on learning.

If you are interested in continuing your education as a pet professional or want more knowledge that will benefit and enrich the pets in your life, please contact us for more details (916) 238-4594

Virtual video clinics           
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for the general pet owning public and professional. Contact us for details and schedule. Subjects will include: Grooming tips, how-to's at home. Dog training basics, Fun for the kids teaching tricks. Problem solving common issues, and more...

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Dog Searching?
Want to add a dog to your family? Let us help you find the right fit.
All too often people bring home an animal on impulse, not really understanding their decision. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it is a horrible disaster. Let us help you avoid the disasters by teaching you some fundamentals first, then we will partner with you to find that special companion in your life.

Veterinarian Liaison
On occasion dogs have underlying medical issues that can create or contribute to problem behavior. We can help bridge the gap by offering our professional consulting services as a liaison between you and your Veterinarian's office. Our goal is to help you find the solutions that work best for you and your dog. Working together with you and your Veterinarian's office in a team effort, we can help to create a proper program, specific to your dog.

Space is LIMITED to a first come basis as we adjust to working from home. We will continue to offer a variety of options to meet your training needs including private, semi private, and virtual video clinics for the general pet owning public.

B&T  Becky and Sean are offering their unique immersion B&T (their take on a successful training while boarding) program.This is a great way to fast track your dog's learning and solve problematic behaviors. Price is adjusted on a case by case basis, starting at $600 per week. Contact us for more details.

Specialized Task Training - for companion pets or certified service animals. Not all dogs are capable of performing critical services for the disabled person, and not all disabilities are alike. We can help you understand how to choose the right dog for your needs, and help you train for cooperative specific helpful tasks.

Groups All in person group courses are suspended for now. However we are scheduling courses via video conferencing. Contact us to sign up!

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By appointment only, WITH RESTRICTIONS
We are accepting a very limited number of clients per week, on a case by case basis, in accordance to COVID-19 protocols this is subject to change

To book an appointment - TEXT or Call (916) 238-4594
How to find us:

Call or Text (916) 238-4594
text is the fastest way to reach us


Mailing address:
6872 Bender Court, Sacramento, CA 95820
Sac Dog Central, is a private learning center for people and animals. Our primary purpose is to provide exemplary education to future and current animal professionals, To meet that purpose, we extend our services to members of the dog owning public. We love to teach, this means every client who walks through our doors becomes our student, benefiting as they inevitably learn more about their dogs by co-participating in lessons with our students."
Fetch. Yes we are still here!
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