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Sean & Becky Rooke - Certified Animal Behavioral Consultant, Trade Instructors, Certified Dog Trainers, Master Pet Groomer since 1997
Award Winner 2016, 2017 & 2018
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Not just any trainer
Meet our most valued team members!
The skills our staff dogs bring are critical to what we do here at Sac Dog Central.
They speak the dogs' language better then any human.  They teach our client dogs manners, calmness, confidence, and how to play and interact appropriately with other dogs. They demo for our group courses and lend themselfs to our grooming academy students.
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Maria Davila, while she works full time as a VDC (virtual  design construction) engineer for a prestigious company in Sacramento, she's also our marketing design consultant, associate trainer and trusted relief person.

Occasionally, Maria will help us with our pre-qualified service canines. Engaging with them in a multitude of social outings and experiences, utilizing the environment around her. These enriching outings have included overnight visits at her residence, an apartment located in the heart of downtown Sacramento that include her two rescued, dog friendly cats, Fifi and Manson.

Maria works with each individual case, creating what would look like "a typical daily life scenario" that a service animal may encounter. Visits to her place have also included rides in elevators, trips to her office work environment, walks to downtown eateries and cafes, the golden one center, grocery stores, doctors offices, and hospitals, all while paring learned service behaviors specific to the needs of our client, dependant on where we are at that time with the dogs training program.
Our support team ...
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Sean Rooke is an exceptional communicator and teacher. His love for dogs and sports aligned him with his "perfect job" when he returned home to Sacramento in 2019, where he joined forces with Becky in the business as an intern, earning him an associate trainer certificate.

Sean has taken the creative lead, bringing life to our unique canine dog swim and fitness programs. His goals are to compete in IPO with his Dutch Shepherd rescued dog, Charlie, and continue his education as he works towards becoming certified as an associate canine behavior consultant, through the IAABC.
I attended Chico State University. In the summer of 1985 I was recruited to work with horses for large animal veterinarians on the California racetracks. I've also worked in small animal clinics as a veterinarian surgical technician. 

Animals and the study of their behaviors has been my life’s work
. What I do is instinctual and intuitive. Once I realized that not everyone else could see what I did, I began working hard at breaking down "what I see" so that I can translate it into something I can teach to the everyday pet owner.

A good friend and colleague once summarized to me what she observed  "Becky, you teach animals empathy".  After working with thousands of cases I realized that potential clients really need what I teach but often have not realized that “a better way” exists until they have experienced it with me.

I want to improve the standard in the industry. How I teach is vastly different from any other sources of training out there. What I have been teaching, is just not being taught anywhere else.

I opened the vocational school in 2015 where my focus switched from all other species to only dogs and teaching humans. I would say my greatest accomplishment was being able to create a unique learning environment where I could teach, allowing me to share my passion and knowledge with those who need real life answers. Answers that really make sense. Answers that SOLVE their problems!

When creating my syllabus for the certificate courses I focused on making canine behavior a major part of my program. All of my students, and even my clients, are taught far more about animal behavior, with an emphasis on how to develop that “honest connection’. An earned relationship with each animal in their care.

My experience with rescue and rehabilitation are vast, each case unique, and I love empowering the connection between humans and the animals they care for, by nurturing confidence and understanding.
Becky Rooke is a certified animal behavior consultant specializing in the behavior modification and rehabilitation of canines, a master pet groomer, and trade instructor.

Her sole focus over the past five years has been building her Academy & Learning Center where she worked with dogs and their people. Her experience includes large and small animals, wildlife, and some exotic species.

"While things have dramatically changed, we are still committed to finding a way to continue teaching students and helping clients with their animals".

How it started...
"I have always had this innate ability, a gift of understanding animals. They would flock to me. Yeah, pretty much all species.

At age sixteen I was given a summer volunteer job with the Butte County Humane society. As summer ended, I was hired on as a permanent part time employee, just prior graduating high school, the County Animal Control moved into our facility where we combined and shared space. It was not long before I found myself working for both departments.

When I turned 18, I managed a big dog boarding kennel, it was there that  I was enlightened to pet grooming being a viable profession. However, It was not until after my first child was born when I sought the proper education on how to groom professionally, and in February of 1997, opened my first home-based grooming and dog training business.